CTO's Saturday Fun: Hackday!

A refreshing change from my daily routine as tilllate CTO (90% meeting, 10% coding) was my visit at the first Webtuesday Hackday yesterday (Hackday = “a day spent hacking with like minds”, as organizer Harry Fuecks defines it).

My mission:

  1. learn about new technologies by listening to the lightning talks
  2. socialize with other developers and exchange experiences
  3. give back to the community by writing tests for PHP
  4. Kiosk Clerk – tilllate sponsored a box full of unhealthy treats and sweets to ensure the developers get enough sugars for their brain cells

I accomplished part 1) by listening to Lukas Smith‘s talk about Doctrine ORM, 2) by talking to a lot of interesting people (like User Experience Architect Hugo), 4) by offering about 6 million calories to the hackers.


I failed miserably at 3) because it took me 1 hour to compile PHP5.3.0-dev on my VirtualPC based CentOS, then I was absorbed by talking to everyone, listening to the talks (e.g. Leo’s talk about “the big rewrite”) and finally I had to leave for the babyschwimmen with my son Orell… At least Leo was able to use my virtual machine I worked so hard for to write his tests (as his outdated Kubuntu machine did not feel like compiling PHP from CVS 🙂

Nevertheless: It was a real fun day and I will be there next time. And that time I’ll have PHP ready right from the start 🙂

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One Response to CTO's Saturday Fun: Hackday!

  1. lejoe says:

    Was indeed a really nice day getting to know everyone.

    (hugo’s link seems to have a typo failure 😉