This blog looks brand-new. It is not.

Look at the posts date below. They are old. These are copies of posts I have written for So what’s the point of writing this blog?

  1. I am going to leave tilllate by the end of November and I don’t know what will happen with these posts when I am gone. My posts there deserve a safe haven. Here.
  2. When someone is googling “Silvan Mühlemann”, currently the first entry is for some boring commercial data register. This blog is supposed to bump that entry from its first position.
  3. 140 characters sometimes are just not enough.
  4. I love web design and I felt like trying something new myself.
  5. was showing an empty page for years now. Such a nice domain needs some content.
  6. The kids started to go to bed early and I was bored (well, every parent with kids at the age of mine – 3mo and 2.5yrs – know that I am kidding)

If my kids let me, I will write a new posts. If in August 2011 you still see this entry at this position you know that they didn’t.

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