10 silly Questions about the iPhone 4

After owning an Motorola StarTac, a Nokia 6110, a Nokia 7110, an Ericsson R380, an Ericsson T68, a Nokia Communicator 1, an HTC Tytn, a HTC S710, a Nokia E71 I finally got an iPhone 4.

That’s definitely a new world for me. As a newbie, I  have many questions.

  1. Why does the Calendar icon always show the current date, while the weather icons sticks to “23° sunny”?
  2. What reception problems?
  3. How will I ever use up my 1GB of included data transfer if all apps always warn me so politely when I am about to download a big movie over 3G?
  4. Will I ever able to enjoy static HTML4-pages anymore after being spoiled by so much eye candy?
  5. Why doesn’t every app support landscape mode?
  6. What will I do with my old HD video cam? What with my old iPod? What happens to my point-and-shoot camera? And do I need ever need a standalone flashlight anymore?
  7. Will I ever be able to write a sentence with the touchscreen keyboard without having to do at least one single correction?
  8. Will I need eventually need a new retina because the the text is so tiny in Safari?
  9. Will I be more popular now I also jumped on the iPhone bandwagon?
  10. Does Steve Jobs own my soul now?

Ericsson R380E

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2 Responses to 10 silly Questions about the iPhone 4

  1. marc says:

    despite all the sarcasm, I have to answer these questions 😉

    1) Because it does not know of what city you would like to know the weather of.
    2) Try harder!
    3) Porn.
    4) Well, no.
    5) Honest? UIs are really tricky in landscape. But, maybe you’re just holding it wrong! See 2)
    6) That’s 3rd world technology now.
    7) Yep, but a lot to learn you have, young padawan.
    8) I’d love to see that 🙂
    9) I, for one, definitely like you more now.
    10) Partially.

  2. Silvan Mühlemann says:

    What an honor: My questions answered by an iPhone veteran. I think you were already developing iPhone-apps at the time I was still fascinated by WAP on my Nokia 7110.